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January 26, 2014


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Arlene Rosentha;

G-d Bless:

My husband and I have a beautiful life of happiness. I thank G-d everyday. For the past 5 years he has been stricken with 2 blood disorders. He has been going through many blood tests (on a contnuing daily basis). They are very painful. The recovery period is worse than the blood disease itself. He has to be in the hospital for 30 days.. The inhome care is a very fragile, sensitive scary outcome. The Dr. ,said he need a bone marrow transplant. He also has other medical issues that cannot be performed because of this blood illness.

Last year his brother was diagnosed with bone cancer, and he lost his dearly beloved wife to colon cancer. The second wife to cancer. I am bi-polar and on medications. My husband is a dear man with a beautiful, caring, patient heart that has a mellow personality. He never gets angry. I am so afraid of losing him....Thank you for your 'Just Believe'. I keep reading it....I want so much to be strong and unafraid. We do have friends in farawy places, and at times, feel alone....We have no support system. Appreciate your self-help, caring words. It will help get me in a positive way throughout the days, weeks, and months. I pray so hard.......There is a book published and written by a rabbi called, 'When bad things happen to good people.
Still trying to be stronger......rosenthal.37arlene@gmail.

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